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Panama Polygraphs

Panama Polygraphs director, Brett Mikkelson, began his carreer as an Interrogator for the US Army in 1988. After 6 years in service, he left in 1994 and began working as a Private Investigator for over 10 years. With constant difficulties in finding a polygraph examiner that would give accurate results, he decided to study psychophysiology and began conducting polygraphs for his own consumption supporting his company's investigation efforts.

In 2004, Mr Mikkelson travelled to San Diego, California to begin his studies in one of the most complete and demanding polygraph schools in the world. Directed by the world's number one living pioneer in the field of polygraphs Mr Cleve Backster, the school is known as the "Backster School of Lie Detection"; Mr Mikkelson graduated at the top of his class. Cleve Backster is considered the highest authority on polygraph techniques and was the person who opened the CIA's first polygraph office in the early 1970's. Also, the system used today to objectively qualify the subject of a polygraph exam was created and perfected by Mr Backster himself.

Why use our polygraph services over someone else?
  1. Mr Mikkelson is a US citizen, trained as a Polygraph Examiner in the United States by the world's top pioneer in the field of polygraphs.
  2. We conduct ALL of our exams in accordance to the strict criteria established by the American Polygraph Association. There is no such thing as a "quick test".
  3. We provide complete reports within 48 hours of the examination itself. We also offer the client with copies of the graphs and other information obtained by our company if the client requires it. We have nothing to hide.
  4. Each polygraph examiner that works with us is properly certified and recieves their yearly training to keep up with the changing techniques and information relating to the polygraph.
  5. We also think of the needs of the client. We offer training for the client's HR staff, teaching them about how the polygraph works as well as the "when and why" the polygraph should be used.
  6. Our rates are very competitive and fair to today's market.
Pre-polygraph requirements focused on obtaining precise results
  1. The examinee should be informed of the scheduled test 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.
  2. For investigations, the client should give us in writing, the details of the case for us to conduct an accurate polygraph exam on the subject.
  3. The examinee should be of good health, have eaten within 4 hours of the test and should have slept sufficiently prior to the test.
  4. They should not have consumed any alcoholic beverages within 24 hours of the exam.
  5. The examinee should understand before coming that the test could take approximately 2 hours.
  6. The exminee must be willing to take the test and sign a waiver indicating the same.
Address to our polygraph office:

Located in El Dorado diagonal from DoItCenter; the building is yellow in color.

Ave Miguel Brostella, El Dorado Edificio Camino de Cruces, Piso 4, Oficina 15 The entrance is located behind the Credicorp Bank